6 Easy Facts About We Had Sex And Now He's Ignoring Me. (Man, Relation, Reason) Explained

Published Jan 14, 22
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Why Is He Ignoring Me All Of A Sudden? Why Did He Change? for Dummies

Are you asking yourself: "Why is he ignoring me?" Do you keep yourself awake at night thinking why he doesn't seem to care even after you opened up your heart him, and exposed your deepest emotions? Does it frustrate you that he can't even bring up the courtesy of a polite conversation with you? The first thing you want to rule out is that he's not seeing someone else.

You can (similar to those used by private investigators) to uncover whether they are secretly already in a relationship or not. Simply enter his name and other details and the system will pull up a ton of information about him that he may have been trying his best to hide from others.

Isn't that crazy?! Once you have ruled out that he isn't seeing some else already, it's time to move to the next step and evaluate some other reasons he may be ignoring you. Contents Is He Ignoring You Because Of Something You Have Said You might have said something out of line that has upset him, unfortunately for you, he isn't telling you what it was that you said.

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You can run through the conversations you had with him the last time you were together until you are blue in the face and you still won't know the answer. It can be very frustrating because you know you might have gotten on very well with him if he had given you half a chance.

He is being pigheaded and childish. He has spat his dummy out and I think you are better off without him. Stop thinking about him immediately, you have had a lucky escape. Imagine going out with this guy long term, you would forever be worried about what you were saying.

You deserve better. Is He Ignoring You Because Of Something You Have Done​ If you have done something trivial that has led to him ignoring you then you need to wake up and smell the roses. You need to realize that he is acting way over the top. Only you will know if you have overstepped the mark, if you think your actions have been above board then sit back and let him ignore you for a while.

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​He needs to be taught a lesson. There is no way you can live your life happily if he is going to ignore you all the time because your actions have offended him in some way, especially if he is not telling you what it is you have done that has made him not want to talk to you.

Imagine having your every action analysed and dissected,your life would be hell,you would be living your mans idea of how you should act and not your own. You would be like a puppet on a string. Walk away from this guy, he does not deserve you. You need a guy who is more tolerant of the way you act, a man who will love you for who you are, a man who won't try to change you.

He should know that he is causing you grief by behaving this way. He should man up and tell you straight away that the problem is all down to him and not you. Maybe he does not want you to know that he has this down side to his personality.

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It is a shame that he has chosen to ignore you, when in fact if he was open and honest with you, you would be able to talk to him and help him. Sit tight and hold on, I am sure he will come around. When he does eventually decide to contact you again, be fair and tell him you understand how he must be feeling.

Hopefully the next time he has an off day he will choose to tell you about it, rather than ignore you. Is He Ignoring You Because His Mind Is Mixed Up​ When the two of you decided to become a couple, you would have been very happy in each other's company.

There will be many emotions running through both your minds, you would not be normal if you did not take a step back and analyse the relationship you have in a bit more detail. ​Your guy might have over thought the feelings he has for you and instead of going along with the flow he has taken a step back.

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He might be finding it difficult to be showing so much commitment at this moment in time. He knows he likes you and he knows you care about him, but what is worrying him is the future. If he stays with you, you will become a part of that future.

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